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Ian Sweet

Jillian Medford used to perform alone, but through her cross-country travels and tribulations, her solo act picked up bassist Damien Scalise and drummer Tim Cheney — two people Medford told The FADER share a “telepathic” connection. Becoming a full-fledged trio known as IAN SWEET, the new-found group has been busy touring with Colleen Green, Chastity Belt, and performing at their label Hardly Art’s SXSW tent.

Previously featured on SPIN’s 7 Favorite Songs of the Week with their single “Slime Time Live,” IAN SWEET have since turned up their amps with enough enthusiasm to rock us into a state of burnt-out and fuzzy early-’00s nostalgia. Full of swirling guitar drones, lo-fi drums, and Medford’s energetic, squealing vocals, their debut record Shapeshifter hits hard with tracks like “Slime” and “#23.” But that’s not to say that IAN SWEET doesn’t still have a softer side: Songs like “2soft2chew,” “Quietly Streaming,” and “Cactus Couch” show a more warm and bubbly persona of the group as well. Coupled with Medford’s passionate, personal lyrics, IAN SWEET’s versatility as a band holds Shapeshifter true to its name. – Spin