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Verse and the Vices

Verse And The Vices is an indie/rock band based out of Lincoln Nebraska that comprises Emilio Meza on vocals and lead guitar, Sophia Meza on vocals, Otilio Meza on drums and Manuel Martinez on bass guitar.

Their music consists of complex melodic chords structures from guitarist Emilio who is highly influenced by old school jazz, blues, and country artists. On the rhythm side, drummer Otilio lays down powerfully-groovin’, jazz-influenced beats. Manny has large bass lines that fit the feel of the music with smooth, distinct, widely-influenced features. The vocals consist of righteous harmonies in the majority of songs. Emilio’s rich and driven vocals blend seamlessly with Sophia’s jazzy soulful voice. All of their individual sounds combined create a unique complex group that is hard to put your finger on. The music in all has elements of jazz, blues, old country, psychedelic/rock, and indie/rock.