LC Artist Spotlight


Indie/Pop Punk

By Nick Furgason

Bach Mai, the Omaha-based indie pop-punk band, has a simple message that is in front of all of their work: “There is pain, dark, hate, and heartache. But there is love, light, hope, and daybreak.”

Bach Mai (the band’s namesake and lead singer), started playing music in his late teens. While studying music and business at UNL, Bach began working on his solo music career. Taking initial inspiration from artists such as Say Anything and Damien Rice, Bach focuses on writing lyrical content that is as earnest and vulnerable as possible.

One thing Bach takes a lot of pride in is his collaborative approach to writing songs. “I know I’m not the best singer there is. And I know I’m not the best guitar player. But I spend a lot of time putting thought into lyrics and being raw and honest as I can. It’s almost therapeutic. I’ll then come to the rest of the band with my lyrics and some basic melody and chords to finish the song in a collaborative way.”  

The rest of Bach Mai is made up of Joshua von Kampen (drums), Molly Gaughan (lead guitar/ backup vocals), and Matt Capoun (bass guitar/ backup vocals). Bach says the best part of writing music collaboratively with his group is it requires himself to leave any pride or control at the door before going into sessions. 

While they initially had big plans to release a new album and go on tour during the Summer of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic put those plans on hold temporarily. Despite this obstacle so many artists have been facing, Bach Mai still has a lot of great stuff coming later this year. With a new album and music video in the works, fans should expect to see those dropping in the near future.

Bach Mai will be playing Lincoln Calling 2020 on Saturday, October 3, at 6:40 PM at Make sure to check out Bach Mai on social media (IG/Twitter: @bachmaimusic), Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. If you want to learn more about Bach Mai or support them by purchasing their merch, check out