LC Artist Spotlight



By Tessa Wiser

Hakim, Lincoln-based rapper and entrepreneur, has taken this newfound time to focus on his many creative and professional outlets. 

“I’m very grateful to have businesses that don’t really affect a lot of personal interactions,” Hakim said. “hen it comes to streaming my music, anybody can do that anywhere and then as far as the clothing goes; the same thing like we have a clothing store at our facility, but we’ve always moved more units online, so in same with the streaming, they can always press a button and get their clothing shipped right to them.”

Overall, Hakim has been able to maintain a positive attitude during the pandemic. 

“We’re taking it day by day.he barbershop is back to I think normal operating,” Hakim said. “As far as the music goes, I really can’t wait to perform [in person], but I got a couple of virtual shows coming up. I can’t wait to finally get back out into the public, and you know, really start performing again.”

Turning lemons to lemonade have been his specialty lately, with his recently dropped album, The Magnificent Obsession, Hakim has been able to focus on upcoming streaming events that he is working for. 

Hakim has a streaming event for the Union of Contemporary Art in Omaha on Saturday, September 26. In the meantime, Hakim continues to focus on his business, Corn Coast Co.

“I have other business endeavors that I’m getting into,” Hakim said. “I don’t really want to speak about right now just because they’re in very early stages. I got a lot more things to learn, but there are definitely other bigger business endeavors that I’m pursuing right now.”

Hakim performs Saturday, October 3rd.