Calling for Change Recap:

Episode 1: City Council 101

2020 has had many of us asking “What can we do? How do we make change? Why is it important to get involved on the local level?”

To explore these questions, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Civic Nebraska to launch a new conversation series. “Calling for Change” invites community leaders and organizers to share ways in which they navigate local systems to effect change.

We will examine the inner workings of local governing bodies, explore diverse models for community organizing, and take a deep dive into the topic of voting rights and voter suppression in Nebraska.

We’ve brainstormed several episodes thus far, but we know the best ideas will come from you, our community. In any way you can, please share the questions you have, the things you’d like to better understand, and anything you’d like us to explore with this series. And, if you have ideas for experts, we’re all ears! We have a modest budget and are offering compensation to all of our guests.

Our hope for this series is to create video resources and shareable graphics that demystify civic engagement and inspire people into action. Change is needed, and we want everyone to feel empowered and well resourced to effect change in their community.

Episodes will take place on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and will be live streamed on Lincoln Calling and Civic Nebraska Facebook and Youtube pages. Viewers can tune in and participate with questions and responses during the live streams. We’ll publish the conversations on our channels afterward so they remain an accessible resource.

We’re grateful to our partners at Civic Nebraska, and to those who have led us in direct action for the past few months and the preceding decades. Black Lives Matter.