For seventeen years,

Lincoln Calling has offered a fall festival that cultivates community connectivity around downtown Lincoln, featuring live music performances, art exhibitions, and community conversations. As we now find ourselves in a unique time due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we look forward to how we can continue to create engaging opportunities for our audience and participants when it comes to discovering and enjoying music, art, and education. 

We are excited to announce our 2021 project Lincoln Calling TV (LCTV), which will allow interactive opportunities for artists, musicians, educators, and small businesses/organizations throughout the year leading up to our fall festival week! It is our hope that we can continue to come together to further our mission in contributing to Nebraska’s economic impact by bolstering our state’s arts and culture. 

LCTV will expand the cultural and entertainment opportunities in our city with digital year-round arts and education programming on a new and accessible web platform. With our production partners, BCN, we look to produce weekly concerts in a virtual venue. Our partnership with Maestro streaming software will allow us to create live interactive video with next level audience engagement! LCTV will create meaningful experiences that unlock the true potential of live streaming with powerful two-way communication and personalized experiences on an easy-to-use platform. 

We are excited to engage our current crowds in new and fresh ways while also expanding our reach and opportunity to build new audiences outside of our hometown. 

Lincoln Calling thrives on featuring bands just before they break, while showcasing a myriad of genres, artists, and artistic disciplines along the way. In most recent years we have made diversity in artistic and educational programming our top priority, and are particularly cognizant of the need for visibility of performers in the LGBTQ community, performers of color, and female performers; The music and arts festival has highlighted some of the country and state’s most exciting, emerging artists, educators, and innovators. We aim to continue to uplift underrepresented voices and provide a platform for historically marginalized communities to be seen, heard, and supported.

Our work will be guided by a lens of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

LCTV will give artists a platform to engage audiences and build their fanbase, while also gaining valuable production time and compensation. Our partnership with BCN specifically will provide local bands a special opportunity to navigate the entire process of media creation and professional release! We also look forward to many community partnerships to present video workshops, conversations, and virtual tours focused on art, wellness, and civic engagement. 

Furthermore, LCTV will encourage a workforce with twenty-first-century skills, through a versatile media internship program. We will be partnering with educational institutions and non-profits to offer internships to aspiring engineers, videographers, and journalists.

LCTV will provide accessible viewer content, open to all. You can also become an LCTV member to receive extra perks! Your membership will ensure individuals, businesses and organizations whose work has been impacted the most by the pandemic have an opportunity to do what they love, and miss, during this time. 

membership levels



General Admission includes all of the basics to support your local musicians, videographers, journalists, filmmakers, non-profits, & more. These seats ain’t no nosebleeds, so come join the party.

Want exclusive content? Become a “Backstage” or “Superfan” patron!



Upgrading to Backstage grants you access to all of LCTV’s channels. With LCTV’s Backstage channel, you get to join the cool kids club with an invitation to stick around for an exclusive encore after each show.

With LCTV’s Series channel, you gain access to curated video content that pulls back the curtain to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what’s really happening in our local art community.



We hope you brought one of our LC tote bags with you, because as a Superfan you’re gonna have your hands full carrying all of the perks from the previous levels. On top of it all, you get mixes of our livestream shows, an LC sticker pack, and invitations to private Q&A hangout sessions with the musicians. And, as a thank you for making it all happen, we’ll show you some love by displaying your name in the show credits. (We’re not afraid of PDA around here.)

Oh, and you really think we’d make you pay for your ticket for the festival? Every Superfan deserves free admission to the Lincoln Calling Music Festival in September 2021. Consider it LC’s personal thank you.