Zero-Waste Initiative

  • Expanded Recycling
  • Special Volunteer Green Team
  • Free Water

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Mobile Hydration Station

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Alternative Transportation

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Visiting Voyager Pass: $8 (with discount code) for 72 hours with unlimited 30 minute trips

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Solar Charging Stations

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VIP and Band Lounge stocked with Organic and Sustainable products from:

A music festival is, for the duration of its existence, its own ecosystem. For the duration of its existence, a music festival is much like its own ecosystem, but in the throes of an entertainment-packed weekend, music festivals have previously led to some titanic-sized trash piles at some of the country’s largest festivals. Rolling Stone reported that the 2015 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival’s 90,000 attendees generated about 679 tons of waste in four days, a heap that doubled the average daily rate a U.S. consumer produces. Across the festival landscape, organizers are creating programs to eliminate waste, and Lincoln Calling is no exception.

For the past 3 years, Lincoln Calling has embraced the Zero-Waste Initiative. We’ve partnered with Carson+Co Global to incorporate an array of sustainability programs. Together, Lincoln Calling and CCG are working with an array of groups that believe in creating environmentally friendly events.

Here’s how we all make it happen:

We prioritize public and people-powered transportation. Lincoln Calling is partnering with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to ensure that there are bike racks galore available surrounding the festival venues. Coming in from out of town and don’t have your bike with you? No sweat. BikeLNK has a fleet of rental bikes available at stations located throughout downtown, and is partnering with Lincoln Calling to offer discounted Visiting Voyager Passes. (More details about that will be coming soon.) We want #bikelincolncalling to be a hashtag and also an ethos.

We bring the water. You bring the bottle. Most of that Bonnaroo tonnage was due to people pitching single-use plastic. Hard pass. Thanks to a partnership with First National Bank, Lincoln Calling will have a set of Springo Mobile Hydration Stations located throughout the festival landscape. We encourage festival attendees to bring their own reusable water bottles to Lincoln Calling, and we might just have a few to give away in case you forgot to pack one.

We recycle. A lot. Lincoln Calling is a nonprofit event that flourishes thanks to its volunteers. This year, a group of volunteers will form the Lincoln Calling Green Team, whose members will deploy recycle bins at each of the venues. They’ll also keep stats on the amount of waste eliminated and offer tips to attendees and venue staff on setting up year-round recycling initiatives.

We’re making sure the Green Room is really green. The bands playing Lincoln Calling are going to be treated to a bounty of organic and sustainable products provided by Lincoln’s own Open Harvest Co-op Grocery. We strongly recommend the bean burrito, btw.

We’re partnering with the sun. Well, more specifically, we’re partnering with LES and ALLO to provide a set of solar-powered phone charging stations at the festival. You’ll feel good about using a renewable resource to get your phone back to 100, and Siri will surely appreciate the dose of Vitamin D.

We’re all in this together. We want your memories of Lincoln Calling to center around life-affirming tunes and great nights out with friends and loved ones and fellow music lovers. We also want you to attend a citywide festival with a clean conscience. By making Lincoln Calling a Zero Waste event, we’re all taking a step in the right direction.