Welcome to Lincoln Calling, commemorating two decades of music, art, and education.

Since its inception, Lincoln Calling has been dedicated to championing music, presenting a diverse and eclectic lineup of national, regional, and local performing artists. With a discerning eye for emerging talent across the nation, our annual roster showcases noteworthy artists on the rise.

Actively promoting community engagement and artistic exploration, the festival now operates under the direction of Lincoln Arts. As the City’s agency for the arts, Lincoln Arts plays a pivotal role in enriching the community by providing access to, and opportunities through, the arts.

The festival continues to expand, emphasizing the development of a flourishing arts ecosystem, the promotion of arts education initiatives, and the empowerment of future creative leaders.

This year, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we acknowledge the profound impact of music, art, and education in uniting communities and inspiring creativity. Lincoln Calling remains steadfast in its commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, inviting all to join us in our ongoing quest to cultivate a more vibrant and culturally enriched Lincoln.